Mechanical Carbon & Graphite

Bushings & Bearings
Vanes & rotors
Glass Industry
Vacuum furnaces
Segmented rings

A comprehensive range of premium quality, European, Japanese and American graphite and carbon materials to suit many applications.

  • Graphite
  • Carbon
  • Carbon Impregnations: resin, copper, antimony, babbitt, bronze, nickel, etc.
  • Technical ceramics

Machined to your exact specifications & tolerances.

Advantages of Graphite & Carbon:

  • Self-lubricating, wet/dry running capabilities
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent thermal/dimensional stability & shock resistance
  • Excellent chemical & corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for food grade applications
  • Long life


  • Bushings, bearings, mechanical seals
  • Segmented rings, piston rings
  • Vacuum pump vanes & rotors
  • Seals for steam, oil & gas joints
  • Products for the glass industry
  • Moulds & mandrels
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